Mississippi College

As a Christian Studies & Philosophy major, you’ll take courses in topics such as:

  • The world of the Bible
  • Theological ideas in the Bible 
  • Teachings of Jesus 
  • Christian ministry 
  • Christian philosophy 
  • Foundations of worship

The curriculum focuses on helping students like you explore the philosophical foundations of Christian living and leadership, while building understanding of scripture and skills for practical ministry. You’ll pursue theological reflection in an environment that encourages critical thinking and communication skills. Faculty support students in their spiritual formation, with the goal of helping students develop meaningful careers that serve the community in a Christian context.

Choose Your Focus

As a Christian Studies & Philosophy major, you’ll choose one of the following concentrations:

Bachelor of Arts – Bible

Classes in Ancient Near Eastern geography, culture, history and archaeology, and the context and content of Biblical literature, equipping students to interpret canonical Christian scriptures in preparation for vocational ministry or seminary school.

Bachelor of Arts – Biblical Languages

Coursework prepares students to read and understand the Old and New Testaments in the original Hebrew and Greek, preparing them for additional study at the graduate level. Not only does language study sharpen students’ thinking skills, being able to work with original texts opens access to many original resources.

Bachelor of Arts – Ministry Studies

This concentration helps students develop skills as leaders, administrators, educators and missionaries, and identify their calling in the area of service and ministry.

Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy

Courses involve intensive thinking and writing on the central questions of knowledge, morality, logic and faith. Students develop critical and creative skills, forming a solid foundation for work in ministry, law, business, medicine, education and more.

The MC Experience

The Department of Christian Studies and Philosophy can trace a long history at Mississippi College, which offered courses in Biblical and classical studies as far back as 1852. Today, the department continues to fulfill a valuable role, serving as the college’s philosophical center and creating a place where students and faculty can come together to consider and explore the most important questions of human existence. With rigorous coursework in Biblical languages — Hebrew and Greek — it’s a challenging but rewarding academic experience for students who want to delve more deeply into the history and foundations of their faith.

How You’ll Learn

Many students who major in Christian Studies & Philosophy are interested in pursuing a life of service, or a career that makes a positive impact on their community. Through hands-on training programs, students gain experience making a difference. Our majors serve churches as paid staff, travel on mission trips, volunteer for charities, spend summers working at Christian campus and retreats, and intern at local churches.

What You’ll Do

Take part in activities sponsored by the Institute for Christian Leadership at Mississippi College, which provides leadership opportunities for students and faculty so they can develop into their full potential as Christian Leaders.

Where You’ll Go

Recent Graduates

Our recent graduates are going into the world and getting right to work. Students who’ve graduated within the past five years are now working in various ministerial roles… pursuing graduate study at places like New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Truett Theological Seminary and Beeson Divinity School… even working for the Peace Corps!

Outstanding Alumni

Dr. Jerry Rankin served as president of the International Mission Board of the SBC, while Dr. Morris Chapman served as president of the SBC’s Executive Committee. Dr. Frank Tupper is a professor at Wake Forest University. Dr. Ed Young is the pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Andy Gibson earned a law degree after graduating from MC and served in the Mississippi House of Representatives.

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