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Brian Kehler

Welcome to English Composition 102!
The purpose ENG 102 is to give you a range of tools, methods of research, and the opportunity to learn and write about contemporary issues. Hopefully, what you learn in this class will not only help you write good English papers, but help you be successful in every class that requires skilled writing and informed research in your college career.

Be sure to buy the text books required for this course (Hint: it's cheaper on!):

Spatt, Brenda. Writing From Sources. 8th ed. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2011. Print.

Ackley, Katherine Anne. Perspectives on Contemporary Issues: Readings Across the Disciplines. 6th ed. Boston: Wadsworth, 2012. Print.

About Me

Brian Kehler has an MA in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

A six month stay as a staff writer for a media company in Shanghai China in 2009-2010 has widened his knowledge and engagement with contemporary issues. While working on creative projects such as writing a script for a musical stage production for Chinese performers, he has in addition written over half a dozen articles on the company blog on how the cultural, religious, and political philosophies of the past influence our world today.

Class Schedule

Spring 2012

  • ENG 102B - English Composition II
    MWF, 8:00-8:50, J307
  • ENG 102P - English Composition II
    T, 6:00-8:45, J305
  • ENG 102ADP - English Composition II
    M TR, 5:30-7:40, J308