Mississippi College

Lynn Buckalew

It is my joy to teach nursing at MC. I am part of the semester II team and am able to teach my favorite area of nursing - the perioperative period.

About me - First and foremost I love Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and desire to serve Him.

After that it is all about my family. My husband Keven and I have been married over 35 years and are the parents of 2 wonderful children.
Olivia is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi - she and her husband live in Madison. Olivia is the mother of my most precious granddaughters Bentleigh and Ella Grace
My son Nathan, is a graduate of MC, married to a graduate of MC (Lauren Cooper) and he is currently enrolled at UMMC in the Physical Therapy Program. 

About Me

I am a graduate of Mississippi College School of Nursing and it is now my honor to teach with some of those that taught me.  After graduation from MC I went to work at St. Dominic Memorial Hospital. Most of my time there was spent in the OR. I continue to be on staff at St. D on 3S where I take students.

I completed my Masters Degree in Nursing Education at Alcorn State University. While in school at Alcorn I started at MC as an adjunct faculty member and was able to later move into a full time position.

Currently I am enrolled in the PhD program at William Carey University. My dissertaiton topic is Social Media as a learning tool in Nursing Education.

Class Schedule

Summer 2010

  • NUR 303 - Health Assessment RN-BSN
    ON LINE, ,
  • NUR 451 - Special Studies in Nursing RN-BSN
    ON LINE, ,

Fall 2010

  • NUR 323 - Research in Nursing
    TBA - On Line, ,
  • NUR 325 - Clinical
    TBA, ,
  • NUR 327 - Nursing Theory
    TBA, ,
  • NUR 313 - Nursing Research RN-BSN
    ON LINE, ,