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I am accountable as an artist to my Creator for stewardship of life, gift, career and concept of Art. Working in the light of His awesome and beautiful works, I strive toward the level of mastery which is acceptable to Him according to that measure of gift or talent with which I was born. I accept His authority, His sovereignty, His plumb line of truth, and His qualification as Master Teacher and Critic of all that I do in the name of Art. Schooled in a broad spectrum of contemporary and traditional art, what I do is by choice, with the intent of applying my best concept of design and visual grammar, to communicate a coherent message of hope and reassurance to the society in which I live, As a teacher, I share what I can demonstrate in actual performance. I am still learning.

My preferred mailing address is PO Box 608, Clinton, MS  39060-0608.

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About Me

Dr. Samuel Marshall Gore is a noted Mississippi artist and professor of art. He has won numerous awards for his artwork and for his abilities as an educator.

Sam Gore is currently an adjunct professor of art at Mississippi College, teaching sculpture. He is also still very active in producing sculptures and other works of art.
Dr. Gore has been featured also in the January/February 2008 issue of Mississippi Magazine in an eight page article entitled "Lasting Impressions" by Ann Shivers McNair with photography by Hubert Worley, in the July 2007 issue of Portico Jackson magazine in a five page article by Maybelle Cagle with photos by Daphne Nabors, and in the June 14, 2009, Clarion-Ledger in an article by writer and photographer Barbara Gauntt.

    •    EdD, Illinois State University
    •    MA, University of Alabama
    •    BA, Mississippi College
    •    BFA, Atlanta College of Art


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