Mississippi College

Glenn Wiggins

About Me

BA Mathematics, Mississippi State University

M.Ed. Mathematics, Mississippi College

Additional Study Mathematics, Mississippi State University

Additional Study, Computer Science Mississippi State

M.S. Computer Science, Jackson State University

Ph.D. Science Ed. Emphasis Computer Science, University of Southern Mississippi

Class Schedule

Spring 2014

  • CSC 309 - Discrete Structures
    MWF, 9:00=9:50 AM, MCC 204
  • CSC 302 - Internet and World Wide Web
    MWF, 11:00AM 11:50AM, MCC 204
  • CSC 114 - Introduction to Computer Science
    TR, 8:00AM - 9:15AM, MCC 105
  • CSC 6504 - Data Mining
    TR, 9:25AM - 10:40AM, MCC 204