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Marilyn Lowe

"Inside every great teacher, there is an even greater one waiting to come out."

         ~Author Unknown   

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

            ~ Margaret Mead

Welcome to Mississippi College!
I am an adjunct professor in the Teacher Education & Leadership Department.
The online courses that I teach are:
EDU 6488 ~ Diagnostic/Prescriptive Reading 
EDU 6524 ~ Teaching Skills of Reading & Comprehension
EDU 6522 ~  Current Methods of Elementary Education
If I can assist you, please contact the Teacher Education & Leadership office or email me at
  Thank you.      

About Me

Born in Des Moines, Iowa, I grew up in South Dakota & North Carolina before coming to Mississippi College as an undergraduate.  Most of my professional life has been spent in the classrooms of Jackson Public Schools where I worked as a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, Early Literacy Specialist, Instructional Specialist in the Curriculum Department, and Lead Teacher.  I was one of the first 100 National Board Certified Teachers in Mississippi and have served as a mentor to others who are going through the National Board process.  I have worked as the Site Manager for the NBPTS Scoring Site and as an assessor for the Disney American Teaching Awards.
I particularly enjoy working with children who are "at risk."  I am committed to seeing that all children can read strategically.  Over and above that, I want to see children enjoying reading.
BSEd ~ Mississippi College (1971)

MEd ~ Mississippi College (1996)

National Board Certified Teacher (Early Childhood Generalist) (1998)

Certificated Reading Recovery Teacher (JPS, Jackson State University) (1993)

Certificated Early Literacy Specialist (JPS & Ohio State University) (1998)


Class Schedule

Spring 2015

  • EDU 6524 - Teaching Skills of Reading & Comprehension
    Online, ,

Fall 2015

  • EDU 6488 - Diagnostic/Prescriptive Reading
    Online, ,
  • EDU 6522 - Methodology of Elementary Education
    Online, ,



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