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About Me

Christian Pinnen received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi in the spring of 2012. His project, “Slavery and Empire: The Development of Slavery in the Natchez District, 1720-1820,” examines how slaves and colonists weathered the economic and political upheavals that rocked the Lower Mississippi Valley.  The study focuses on the fitful—and often futile—efforts of the French, the English, the Spanish, and the Americans to establish plantation agriculture in Natchez and its environs, a district that emerged as the heart of the “Cotton Kingdom” in the decades following the American Revolution.



Ph.D. (History) Universit of Southern Mississippi, 2012

M.A. (History)   Universit of Southern Mississippi, 2008

B.A. equivalent  University of Bonn/ University of Cologne, 2005


Research Interests

Slavery, U.S. Borderlands, Race




Class Schedule

Fall 2013

  • HIS 211 - U.S. Survey
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  • HIS 304 - Mississippi History
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  • HIS 403 - The Old South
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