Mississippi College

Russell Brashear

I look forward to working with you this year! If you have a question, ask or email me. I will give you a tip about my class... DON'T MISS!!! You'll make a better grade and I'll be more apt to cut you some slack if you make every effort to get to class. If you know you're going to be out, call x3455 and let me know!

About Me

Russ was born in Oxford, Ms in 1954 and grew up always loving radio. “As long as I can remember I’ve been practicing introducing songs”, says Russ. Russ enjoys spending time with his wife, Alisa, of 32 years and daughters Krista (26) and Kara (25) and grandson Maddox (5). Russ plays golf for fun and is a 15 handicapper. A graduate of Mississippi College, Russ enjoys teaching at his alma mater in the area of radio communication. Russ is probably best known for his Friday Night Under the Lights Scoreboard Show, which runs statewide in the Fall. What does Russ want to accomplish before “riding off into the sunset”?   “I think I would want to be a part of positioning Star 93.5 FM as the Christian radio station people turn to and receive all that the Lord has for them through the music we play.”

Class Schedule

Fall 2009

  • Com 330 - Introduction to Radio
    MWF, 9:00, 105 Aven Hall

Spring 2010

  • Com 331 - Radio Writing and Production
    TBA, TBA, Aven 105