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This degree track in the Biology department is intended for students who anticipate teaching Biology in High School.  Students who follow this curriculum will be eligible for certification in Biology and General Sciences (Grades 7-12). For other questions please contact Dr. Beth Dunigan.


All students graduating from Mississippi College with a Bachelors degree regardless of major must take the University Core Courses. There are specific requirements for education majors relative to the university core. Please consult with Dr. Beth Dunigan for specific information. All biology majors must take the following Science and Mathematics Core courses consisting of 36 semester hours:

Math and Science Core for all Biology majors (36 sem hrs)

  • Biology 111 (4 hrs) and 112 (4 hrs) [Freshman Biology] 
  • Biology 305 (3 hrs) [Cell Biology] 
  • Biology 306 (3 hrs) [Genetics] 
  • Biology 307 (2 hrs) [Cell and Genetics Lab]
  • Biology 431 (1 hr)  [Biology Seminar] 
  • Biology 432 (1 hr)  [Biology Capstone] 
  • Chemistry 141 (4 hrs) and 142 (4 hrs) [Freshman Chemistry]

Two mathematics courses chosen from the following:

  • Math 121 (3 hrs) [Calculus with Analytic Geometry I] or
  • Math 206 (3 hrs) [Applied Calculus]Math 207 (3 hrs) [Statistics] (required)*

Any one of these math courses will satisfy the 3 hour mathematics requirement in the University Core

The following 57 sem hrs are required in addition to the 36 sem hrs of the Math and Science Core.

Required Science Courses (29 sem hrs)

  • Biology 145 (3 hrs) [Introduction to Earth Science]
  • Biology 203 and 204 (4 hrs each) [Anatomy & Physiology] 
  • Biology 414 (4 hrs) [Microbiology]
  • Biology 423 (4 hrs) [Plant Ecology] 
  • Biology 435 (3 hrs) [Methods of Teaching Secondary School Science] 
  • Chemistry 143 (4 hrs) [Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry] 
  • Physics 104 (3 hrs) [Physics for Today]

One Communication course required chosen from the following (3 sem hrs):

  • Communication 203 (3 hrs) [Professional Communication Skills]
  • Communication 304 (3 hrs) [Public Speaking]

Professional Education courses required (25 sem hrs):

  • Education 299 (1 hr) [Pre-Teaching]
  • Education 300 (3 hrs) [Introduction to Education] (must be taking during Sophomore year) 
  • Education/Psychology (3 hrs) [Education Psychology]
  • Education 403 (3 hrs) [Measurements and Evaluation]
  • Psychology 435 (3 hrs) [Psychology of Exceptional Children] 
  • Education 460 (3 hrs) [Class Organization and Management]
  • Education 431-433 (12 hrs) [Directed Teaching]

Students seeking an additional certification in Chemistry should complete a minor in Chemistry and drop the Chemistry 143 and Physics 104 requirements.

Students seeking an additional certification in Physics should complete a minor in Physics and drop the Chemistry 143 and Physics 104 requirements.

You must have at least 130 semester hours, of which 39 semester hours must be 300 or 400 level courses in order to graduate from Mississippi College.

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