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The Master of Science degree program in Computer Science provides a broad spectrum of information with business, industry and further graduate study applicability.

Admission Requirements

The applicant must meet all requirements for admission to the Graduate School. In addition to these requirements, the student should hold a bachelor’s degree consisting of at least 18 hours of coursework in computer science, the suitability of courses to be determined by the graduate faculty. The applicant must already have earned credit for courses equivalent to CSC 116, CSC 216, and CSC 314.

Degree Requirements

  1. The student must meet all requirements for the MS degree as set forth by the Graduate School.
  2. The student must earn at least 30 hours of CSC graduate credit (5400- and 6000-level course numbers).
  3. There are two options from which the student may choose:
    1. Thesis Option - Of the 30 required hours, 6 must be CSC 6563 and CSC 6564(Master’s Thesis). The thesis should add to or enhance research in the area of computer science. An oral examination covering general computer science concepts as well as the student’s thesis subject must be passed.
    2. Non-Thesis Option - 30 Semester hours computer science graduate course work required. An oral examination covering general computer science concepts related to the students graduate course work must be completed satisfactorily.
  4. Of the 30 required hours, at least 15 hours of coursework must be at the 6000-level including CSC 6509, CSC 6522 and CSC 6523.
  5. GRE Requirement: A verbal score beginning in the range of 146-150 or greater (equivalent to 400-450) and a quantitative score beginning in the range of 140-141or greater (equivalent to 400-450), or a score within these ranges on either section and a score of 2.5 on the writing assessment of the GRE General Examination, is required. The verbal and quantitative scores will not be combined.

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