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The computer science program at Mississippi College is committed to the education of students in the specialized fields related to computer science.  The program provides service courses to the entire University population which equip students with fundamental knowledge about computers, how they work, and how they are changing the way we live.  Students choosing to major in the computer sciences conduct in-depth studies of the discipline at undergraduate and graduate levels.  Courses are a blend of the theoretical and the practical; most courses have a laboratory component which stresses hands-on aspects of the subject.  Graduates of these programs should possess the knowledge and flexibility which enable them to utilize their skills, talents, and abilities as they pursue computer-related careers.


I. Academic Excellence

The computer science program will pursue academic excellence by participating in the recruitment and retention of effective faculty and staff; assisting in recruiting students who can benefit from the study of the computer sciences; providing an enriched contemporary learning environment; and promoting scholarship, service, and creative activities that advance knowledge in the computer sciences.

II. Curricula

Undergraduate: the computer Science undergraduate curricula for majors will prepare students for a lifetime of learning and instill basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for continued development and success in computer-related careers.  These goals will be accomplished through study in both theoretical and practical areas of the computer sciences. 

Graduate: the graduate curricula will expand on undergraduate foundations, further preparing students in the areas of research and publication.  These goals will be accomplished through exposure to classic and current literature in the discipline, and study in advanced topics. 

Service courses: the computer science unit will offer courses to non-majors to help them meet the requirements of the university core component and other degree programs.

III. Alumni 

The computer science program will seek to communicate with alumni to enhance their continued relationship with the University, seek to provide career assistance, and encourage fellowship among alumni to strengthen ties to their alma mater.

IV. Technology

Since the computer sciences are technology intensive, the computer science program will place special emphasis on maintaining contemporary, relevant hardware and software systems necessary to the study of the discipline.

V. Extra-curricular Activities

The computer science unit will provide opportunities for students to become involved in computer-related extra-curricular endeavors, especially professional organizations associated with the discipline.

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