Mississippi College

Special Recognition

N. W. Carpenter Lecture

Laurie Smith Lawson, Ph.D., LCSW, Program Director, MS College Social Work Program,                         Executive Director, Clinton Community Christian Corporation (4C's), 2012                                                   Robert L. "Bert" Montgomery, M.Div, Pastor, Freelance Author/Columnist, 2011
Markella B. Rutherford, Ph.D., Wellesley College, 2010
Diana R. Garland, Ph.D., Baylor University, 2001
Andrew D. Lester, Ph.D., Texas Christian University, 2000
Thomas E. Clark, Ph.D., Bowman Gray School of Medicine, 1999
Larry Ingram, Ph.D., University of Tennessee at Martin, 1998
Jerry Michel, Ph.D., University of Memphis, 1997
Clyda Rent, Ph.D., Mississippi University for Women, 1996
Nancy Ammerman, Ph.D., Emory University, 1995

Annual Homecoming Alumnus of the Year Reception

Laurie Smith Lawson, Ph.D., LCSW, '83, 2012                                                                                         Robert L. "Bert" Montgomery, M.Div, '93, 2011
Markella B. Rutherford, Ph.D., '95, 2010
N. Wilbur Carpenter, Jr., Ph.D. '43, 2009
Rhonda Stamps Cole, M.A., ’89, 2005
Mary Ann Cooper, M.A., ‘72, 2003
Jo Smith Hollman, M.A., ‘71, 2002
Charles W. Whitten, Th.M., ‘43, 2001
Willie A. Whitten, Ed.D., ‘51, 2000
Andrew D. Lester, Ph.D., ‘61, 1999
Thomas E. Clark, Ph.D., ‘58, 1998
Bill Causey, Ph.D., ‘52, 1997
Robert G. W. Girling, III, M.S.W., ‘50, 1996
Charles M. Tolbert, Ph.D., ‘48, 1995
Pete Campbell, Ed.D., ‘67, 1992
Charles F. Longino, Jr., Ph.D., ‘60, 1991
Direk Arayakosol, Ph.D., ‘56, 1990

Annual Dr. Lee K. Darlin Senior Sociology Award

Jane Story - 2013

Annual Senior Social Work Award

John J. Luther - 2013

Annual Mississippi Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers Student Merit Award

Lisa Blanton - 2013