Mississippi College

As a Psychology major, you’ll take courses in topics such as:

  • Psychological statistics
  • Developmental psychology 
  • Experimental psychology 
  • Abnormal psychology 
  • Psychology of personality 
  • Career paths in psychology

The curriculum focuses on helping students understand the complexities of psychological principles — and be able to apply them in practical situations. As a psychology major, you’ll lean to approach psychology as a practical science based in applied research, while maintaining a Christian perspective and values. Faculty members strive to help students become effective professionals and leaders within the field.

Choose Your Focus

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

For the B.A., students must fulfill 34 semester hours in psychology, plus 12 semester hours in a modern language.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

For the B.S., students must fulfill 34 semester hours in psychology, plus an additional 6 hours of psychology electives, for a total of 40 semester hours in psychology.

Post Graduate Benefits

The Department houses three accredited graduate programs in marriage and family, mental health, and school counseling.  Mississippi College is also the only university in the nation to offer a Doctorate in Professional Counseling.  Undergraduate students benefit by receiving instruction from professors who teach across these multiple levels, thereby giving students an even richer instructional experience.  

The MC Experience

The Department of Psychology and Counseling at Mississippi College traces a long history; our first professor of psychology was appointed in 1891. MC began offering courses in Child Psychology and Adolescent Psychology in 1933, and began offering a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1945. In 1950, MC was the first to develop a Counseling Education Program at a Baptist institution of higher education. This innovative attitude continued into the nineties, when we worked to advance the field of Reality Therapy, a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy that focuses on problem-solving and future-focused behavioral changes. Today, the Department of Psychology and Counseling resides in Lowrey Hall, a historic building that looks onto the Quad, and continues to provide outstanding learning experiences to students enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate programs.

How You’ll Learn

Small class sizes ensure that psychology majors get one-on-one attention from instructors; seminars are frequently as small as five students per faculty member, and the average lecture is limited to 25 students. Each major meets regularly with an academic advisor in the Department of Psychology.

The Department of Psychology and Counseling supports students in locating internships, which provide valuable real-world experience. Recently, psychology majors have interned at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Region 8 Mental Health Center, and with professional counselors in private practice.

What You’ll Do

Participate in our student chapter of Psi Chi, the national honor society dedicated to encouraging scholarly excellence in the field of psychology.

Where You’ll Go

Recent Graduates

Our alumni are employed at organizations such as Baptist Children’s Village, Brentwood Behavioral Health, CARES Behavioral Health System, Compass Intervention Center, Department of Public Welfare, Gilmore Memorial Hospital, Haven House Family Shelter, Hinds Community College, Jackson Public School District, JP Morgan & Chase, Mercy Ministries of America, Mississippi Department of Human Services, Mississippi State Hospital, Preventive Measures Programs, River Region Health System, Southeast Louisiana Hospital, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Veterans Affairs, Warren-Yazoo Mental Health and Youth Villages.

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