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The number of students admitted to the nursing major is determined by the administration of the School of Nursing, and may vary depending on the number of qualified applicants and School of Nursing resources.

  • First consideration for acceptance is given to those students who have taken all of their course work at Mississippi College and meet the minimum requirements.
  • Transfer students are welcome to apply. However, transfer students are strongly encouraged to complete their sophomore year of prerequisites at Mississippi College*.
  • It is recommended that a minimum of 12 semester hours of work be completed at Mississippi College before applying. As a general rule, students who have not completed any Mississippi College course work at the time of application to the nursing major are not considered for admittance.
  • Students who have completed all prerequisites elsewhere should make an appointment to speak with an advisor. 
  • Those students who have excelled on their cumulative GPA and on the entrance examination may be eligible for a special "Exceptional Admission" if all prerequisites are met and there is available space for admission.
  • All nursing prerequisite courses must be completed before admission to the nursing major.

* A maximum of 65 hours of work may be transferred from a junior or community college.  The last 33 hours must be taken in residence at Mississippi College. To avoid any loss of academic credit, it is advisable to first check with a Mississippi College School of Nursing advisor before taking courses at another institution; however, final decision regarding transfer of credit is determined by the Office of the Registrar.

The requirements for admission to the Mississippi College School of Nursing are:

  • Completion of all prerequisite courses;
  • Successful completion of college core courses or a faculty-approved plan for completing these in a timely fashion;
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher based on work completed at Mississippi College;
  • A minimum grade of C in psychology, sociology, anatomy & physiology, microbiology, chemistry, statistics, algebra, and NUR 233;
  • Acceptable score on the Admission Assessment Exam with Critical Thinking.  This test may be taken only twice. Please contact the School of Nursing for specifics on the entrance exam;
  • Successful completion of ENG 101 and ENG 102; and
  • Credit hours at Mississippi College (a minimum of 12 hours is suggested).
Mississippi College Core Courses Hours Prerequisites Hours
English Composition 6 Chemistry (4-hour laboratory course)
Literature 6 Anatomy and Physiology (2 4-hour laboratory courses) 8
History 6 Microbiology (laboratory course) 4
Fine Arts 3 Sociology, Principles 3
Old Testament 3 Psychology, Introduction 3
New Testament 3 Statistics 3
Physical Education (activity courses required) 2 College Algebra 3
Guided Electives 6  NUR 233 - Transition to Healthcare Professions  3
Behavioral Science Elective (Child, Adolescent, or Developmental Psychology is recommended) 3    

Students interested in entering the nursing program must first apply to and be accepted by Mississippi College. Applications for the School of Nursing are distributed by the School of Nursing office mid-semester fall and spring. The deadline for application to the School of Nursing is February 1 for fall admission and September 1 for the spring semester admission.

The Admissions and Progression Committee of the School of Nursing meets after those dates and admits the class for the following semester. Each application is evaluated individually with respect to the applicant's potential for success in the nursing major. Special consideration is given to each student's Mississippi College grade point average, total number of hours taken at Mississippi College, overall grade point average, nursing prerequisite courses grade point average, ACT score (if available), and scores on standardized admission tests.

Students who applied and were not admitted in one semester may submit a written request to be considered and re-evaluated with the next semester's applicants. No waiting list is maintained.

Please note: scores from admission exam should be available at the time the application is submitted, and the test must be passed within two attempts. 

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