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Mississippi College School of Nursing, in keeping with its commitment to providing opportunities for educational advancement for working RNs, is initiating a major revision of the BSN Completion Track beginning May 2008. The faculty has reaffirmed their commitment to provide meaningful learning opportunities with flexibility in delivery of courses and clinical experiences. It is anticipated that these online courses will allow the student to continue employment while attaining a baccalaureate degree in nursing from Mississippi College.

Students may validate their previous nursing course work and experience through personal interviews, and the completion of NUR 324. Successful completion of the validation process results in the awarding of 30 semester hours of work at senior college level for: NUR 325 (5 hours), NUR 327(7 hours), NUR 343 (3 hours), NUR 344 (4 hours), NUR 345 (5 hours), NUR 414 (4 hours) and NUR 416 (2 hours) for a total of 30 hours total credit at the cost of $8.00* per hour (for a total of $240.00).

The faculty has reaffirmed their commitment to provide meaningful learning opportunities with flexibility in scheduling and clinical experiences. Clinical experience is only connected with Community Health Nursing and Nursing Management. There is lab time allowed for the Health Assessment course. Clinical experiences will be tailored to the student's personal and professional needs. A broad range of clinical experiences meet the clinical requirements of both courses.

If you are interested in pursuing a BSN degree at Mississippi College, please contact the School of Nursing for an appointment to have your transcript evaluated.

*Fees subject to change

Applicants to the Online RN-BSN Completion Track must meet the minimum admission requirements for the College and must provide evidence of an unrestricted registered nurse license in the state of Mississippi. Application to the nursing major will be made prior to or while enrolled in NUR 324. All nursing prerequisite courses must be completed before admission to the nursing major.* The clinical nursing sequence can be started with no more than 12 hours of core courses remaining.Remaining core courses can be scheduled in the summer. All core courses must be completed before graduation.

*Exceptions may be made on case-by-case basis

Mississippi College Core Courses
Hours Prerequisites Hours
English Composition Chemistry (one 4-hour laboratory course)
Literature 6 Anatomy and Physiology (2 4-hour laboratory courses) 8
History 6 Microbiology (laboratory course) 4
Fine Arts 3 Sociology, Principles 3
Old Testament 3 Psychology, Introduction 3
New Testament 3 Statistics 3
Physical Education (activity courses waived) 0 College Algebra 3
Guided Elective 12    
Behavioral Science Elective (Child, Adolescent or Developmental Psychology is reommended) 3    

The last 65 hours of work toward a degree from Mississippi College must be taken at a senior college. The last 33 hours must be taken in residence at Mississippi College. To avoid any loss of academic credit, it is advisable to first check with a Mississippi College School of Nursing advisor before taking courses at another institution; however, the Office of the Registrar determines final decision regarding transfer of credit.

1. Obtain application packet from the School of Nursing RN-BSN website.

You may submit the application and letters of reference as a first step. Then submit completed application packet to the office on or before April The application packet is made up of the application form, two reference forms, copy of RN license, copy of CPR card, copy of malpractice insurance, admission health record, and proof of criminal background check.

2. Two references are required.

Suggested people to complete the reference forms includes: former teacher, pastor, employer, etc. References should be returned directly to the School of Nursing by the person writing the reference (Box 4037, Clinton MS 39058). No application will be considered without two completed references.

3. Apply to the university (with entry date as summer this year) and have official transcripts sent.

It is the responsibility of all applicants to have official transcripts from any course work taken (or in progress) at other institutions sent to the MC Registrar’s Office.

4. Submit the following documentation (all must be within the last 12 months):

  • Copy of admission health record (form on-line) including:
    • Evidence of TB Test (must have dates of 2 step, and then can do annual)
    • Evidence of VCP immunity
    • Evidence of HBV series or titer
    • RPR 
  • Copy of CPR card (American Heart-BLS)
  • Copy of RN license (both sides)
  • Copy of malpractice insurance
  • Criminal background check (must be from a healthcare agency; those done by law enforcement agencies are not accepted)

5. You will be notified in writing of your status (whether admitted or denied admittance) after the Admission and Progression Committee has reviewed the application.

6. Complete and return the applicant response form that will be included with your notification.

7. After admission to the School of Nursing, forms and further information on subsequent requirements will be mailed to you either with or following the notification of admission.

Note: Scholarships are available through the Board of Trustees of Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning. Further information and applications can be obtained from the IHL (432-6997). http://www.ihl.state.ms.us/financialaid/nursing.html

If you have questions regarding the process, please call the School of Nursing 601.925.3278.

Please submit your completed School of Nursing RN-BSN application and fax it to 601.925.3379, or mail it to:

School of Nursing
Box 4037
105 Cockroft Hall
Clinton, MS 39058

Recommended course sequence is as follows:

Summer - 1st Session
Summer - 2nd Session
NUR 303 - Health Assessment
NUR 451 - Special Studies in Nursing
Summer - 10 Week Session
NUR 324 - Transition to Professional Practice 4
Summer Total 9    


NUR 435 - Community Health Nursing - RN
NUR 415 - Nursing Management - RN
NUR 402 - Policy and Finance
NUR 444 - Christian Perspectives in Ethics
NUR 313 - Research in Nursing Practice
NUR 481 - Synthesis
Semester Total 10 Semester Total  11


Part time options are also available

Mississippi College
School of Nursing

Box 4037
105 Cockroft Hall
Clinton, MS 39058
Phone: 601.925.3278
Fax: 601.925.3379
E-mail: rn-nursing@mc.edu

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