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Skills, knowledge needed for this field:

  • Possess attention for accurate detail: ability to distinguish minute differences between objects
  • Must be investigative, analytical, numerate, accurate and adaptable
  • Continuous growth in knowledge of information and techniques needed in the physics field
  • Ability to identify complex problems, critically analyze alternative actions, and implement the best solution
  • Develop laboratory techniques

Develop your resume: 

  • Gain research and lab experience through an internship
  • Pursue graduate studies in engineering, business, law or medicine
  • Participate in research programs and projects
  • Shadow a professional in your desired field
Astronomer Journalist
Biophysicist Laboratory Technician
Cartographer Lawyer
Dentist Physicist
Design Engineer Professor
Doctor Soil Engineer
Engineer Stress Analyst Engineer
Environmental Research Analyst Teacher
Geophysicist Weather Forecaster
Hydrologist Writer
Aspect Communications Motorola
EDS Corporation National Institute of Standards and Testing
Entergy US Army Corps of Engineers
ExxonMobil US Army Missile Engineering Center
Freescale Semiconductor US Navy
General Motors  

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