Mississippi College

Rob McKnight

We will be making extensive use of Moodle and this web page in lieu of having to purchase textbooks. I have found that there are many aspects of this class that change more quickly than authors and publishers can get books out, so we will do a great deal of reading from the Web and online information services.

I hope you enjoy the class!  I'm looking forward to meeting each of you!

Thanks for enrolling in E-Commerce.  My goal is to share with you some insights into the world of the technology that drives the Internet.  Some of the material we will include:

About Me

I have worked in the Telecommunications field in Jackson since 1988.  Currently I am Vice President of Operations for the Competitive Local Exchange Division of TEC. 

I work with telecommunications and network design, Internet services, billing, and operations systems and support in all facets of our organization.

I have been married 21 years to my wonderful wife Leigh, and we have two children - Griffin is 13 and my daughter A.J. is 9. 

I graduated from Millsaps in 1988 with a B.S. in Computer Studies, and followed that up in 2005 with my M.B.A also from Millsaps, so I too have been an adult student in the not too distant past!

I enjoy hunting, flying and the couch!