Mississippi College

Benjamin Ivey

About Me

I'm Ben Ivey and I am the undergraduate coordinator for the graphic design program here at MC. I started teaching full-time in 2012.  Prior to coming to MC, I worked in the field as the supervising graphic designer for the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.  I am very passionate about what I do, and I enjoy sharing that passion with my students. Though I specialize in print design, I recognize the need for all designers to understand the tools of our digital world. In my classes, I strive to teach relevant topics that have real-world application.

Class Schedule

Fall 2014

  • ART 315 - Graphic Design III - A
    TR, 8:00-10:30, AVEN 400
  • ART 315B - Graphic Design III - B
    TR, 12:00-2:30, AVEN 400
  • ART 205 - Intro. to Graphic Software
    MW, 12:00-1:30, Self 111
  • ART 485 - - Graphic Design Internship
    N/A, N/A, Online
  • ART 205 - - Intro. to Graphic Software
    NA, NA, Online