Mississippi College

Jerry Rankin

MIN 305
Spring 2014
Tuesday / Thursday 8:00-9:15 am
Provine 104

MIN 305--Evangelism and Missions

3 semester hours (lecture)

Spring Semester 2014


Prerequisites: None


Course Description: The history, principles and methods of New Testament evangelism and its implementation in local and international missions.


Rationale for Course: Mississippi College has as its vision statement to be a university recognized for academic excellence and commitment to the cause of Christ. This general, overarching vision statement combined with the specific call to ministry professed by Christian Studies majors calls for a course that both presents the evangelistic/missional aspect of ministry in an academic way while at the same time preparing students for a marketplace career that fulfills God’s calling on their lives.


Outline of Topics to be Covered


The Biblical Basis of Missions

Spiritual Foundations for Ministry and Personal Evangelism

Strategic Issues in Fulfilling the Mission of God


Student Objectives and Outcome


  • To help students understand the biblical mandate for evangelism and missions.
  • To understand and be able to assess appropriate practical approaches for evangelism.
  • To equip students to share their faith in Jesus Christ with others and how to present a contextualized witness in cross-cultural settings.
  • To understand missions history and strategy in the context of God’s global kingdom vision.
  • To evaluate and apply contemporary strategies to fulfillment of the mission of God.


Academic Integrity Statement: Mississippi College students are expected to be scrupulously honest. Dishonesty, such as cheating or plagiarism or furnishing false information, including forgery, alteration or misuse of documents is considered a serious offense punishable by loss of credit and even dismissal. See the Mississippi College Undergraduate Catalog, the Tomahawk, or University Policy 2.19 for more details.


Methods of Instruction: The primary method of instruction will be class lecture and discussion. The professor will supplement class lectures with assigned reading and research projects, guide the student to process and evaluate mission strategies and prepare class presentations. Students are expected to exemplify active listening and positive nonverbal communication behaviors throughout each class period. It is expected that students will read assigned material before topics are covered in class, and reports, research and presentations will be completed on time.



Required Practices: Students are expected to attend class, take notes and actively participate in discussing the topics of assigned reading. Students will be conscientious about fulfilling witnessing assignments, research reports and preparing class presentations. The class will follow policies in the college handbook regarding absences and excessive failure to be present at the beginning of the class period. 


Instructional Material


Students will be expected to read assignments from two text books for the course as follows:


  1. Bridges: How to Share a Witness across Worldview Barriers, Freddy Davis

    and Tal Davis. (TSM Press)


  1. Selected reading assignments from Discovering the Mission of God,

    Mike Barnett, ed. (IVP Academic)



Methods of Evaluating Student Progress


Attendance and Class Participation: Students are required to be present in class every day the class meets. Lectures will generally be interactive discussion in which students are expected to participate; students are expected to take systematic notes and will be held responsible for material presented orally in class.


The instructor follows the policy set forth in the College Bulletin. If you find you will miss a class on a day that an assignment is due or an examination is to be given you should call or email the professor in advance, otherwise a grade of “zero” will be given for any graded class activity due on the day of your absence. Arrangements to make up work must be made with the professor. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the professor to check on any missed work. If an unannounced daily test is missed due to absence or late arrival, it will not be made up unless the professor is notified a day in advance of class. 


Student Responsibilities: The intent of this class goes beyond presenting objective information in order to add to one’s body of knowledge. The student will be expected to fulfill reading assignments, reflect critical thinking on an assessment and application of missiological issues in class discussion and through written assignments.  Research on an unreached people group, and engaging in and reporting on a practical witnessing encounter will be required. Also, a written paper will be required on “Witnessing to Hostile Worldviews.” Students attending the annual Evangelism Lecture Series

Monday, Feb. 3, 6:00-7:00 pm, and Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1:30-2:30 pm will write a report on the lectures; those not attending will write a paper on an assigned topic.


Overall assessment of student progress will be made on the basis of timely fulfilling of assignments and class participation. Students are expected to exhibit personal discipline and reflect genuine interest in class discussion, engaging the professor and fellow students in respectful dialogue. It should be kept in mind that non-verbal communication is significant and can be indicative of non-interest and disrespect.


Reading: Students will be expected to read Bridges and assignments from the primary textbook, Discovering the Mission of God (

DMOG), as assigned in the dated syllabus. There will be a strong biblical content in the class material, and it would be advisable for the student to bring a Bible to class each day. 


Grading and Assessment


Grading of tests and assignments will assessed on the following scale:


A94 -100

B86 - 93

C75 - 85

D65 - 74

F         Below 65


Final grading for class credit will be proportioned as follows:


25%Final Exam, Tuesday, May 6 (covering material after Mid-Term only)

25%Mid-Term Exam, Thursday, March 6

25%Cumulative score on unannounced daily tests

25%Written Assignments:

5%1-page Personal Testimony (due Tuesday, Feb. 18)

Worldview Paper, 1,000 words (due Thursday, Feb. 13)

          10%Report on Worldview Witness (due Thursday, Mar. 20)

          10%UUPG Research/Strategy Paper (due Tuesday, Apr. 22)





MIN 305

Dated Syllabus and Assignments


The schedule and syllabus may be modified at the discretion of the instructor; students will be notified in advance of changes.



Class     Date     Topic and Assignment


Week 1: Introduction to the Mission of God


 1            1/14       Read DMOG: Preface, pp. 11-13; Introduction, pp. 17-30

                               Personal introduction and the nature and scope of the class

                              Review of assignments, expectations and grading


 2            1/16        Read DMOG: Chapter 5, pp. 99-113

                               “God’s Great Commission for the Nations”


Week 2: Biblical Foundations for Mission


 3             1/21        Read DMOG: Chapter 1, pp. 34-48

                                “Word of God and Mission of God”


 4            1/23         Read DMOG: Chapter 2, pp. 49-67

                                “The Missionary Message of the New Testament”


Week 3: Missions and the Kingdom of God


 5             1/28         Read DMOG: Chapter 4, pp. 85-98

                                 “The Kingdom of God and His Mission”


 6            1/30           Read DMOG: Chapter 3, pp. 68-84

                                  “The Supremacy of God in Missions”


Week 4: Understanding Worldviews


 7              2/4            Read Bridges: Introduction, Chap. 1-3, pp. 2-35

                                   Attend Annual Evangelism Lecture Series

                                         Monday, 2/3, 6:00-7:00

                                         Tuesday, 2/4, Chapel 10:50, Lecture 1:30-2:30

                                   (Written paper will be assigned, due Thursday, 2/13)


 8              2/6            Guest Missionary


Week 5: Evangelism and Cross-Cultural Witness


 9              2/11          Read Bridges: Appendix, pp. 183-197

                                   “Witnessing Resources”

                                    (Assignment: Write personal testimony, due 2/18)

10             2/13          Read Bridges: Chapters 4-5, pp. 38-74

                                   “Witnessing Cross-Culturally” 

                                   Assignment: Write cross-cultural witness report, due 3/20

                                   [1,000-word paper on Worldviews due]


Week 6: Discipleship and the Church


11             2/18         Read DMOG: Chapter 7, pp. 130-143

                                   “The Heart of the Task”

                                    [One-page personal testimony due]


12             2/20          Read DMOG: Chapter 8, pp. 144-157

                                    “The Church in the Mission of God”

                                     Guest Missionary


 Week 7: Early History of Missions


13             2/25           Read DMOG: Chapter 11, pp. 189-204

                                     “The First Decades of the Mission of God”


14             2/27            Read DMOG: Chapter 12, pp. 205-219

                                      “The Ante-Nicene Church on Mission”


Week 8: The Historical Gap and Review


15             3/4               Read DMOG as follows and be prepared to discuss:

                                           Last name A-C: Chapter 13, pp. 220-234

                                           Last name D-P: Chapter 14, pp. 235-249

                                           Last name R-W: Chapter 15. pp. 250-266


16             3/6                MID-TERM EXAM


S P R I N G   H O L I D A Y S



Week 9: Setting the Stage for Mission Advance


17             3/18               Read DMOG: Chapter 16, pp. 267-286

                                         “The Great Century”


18             3/20                Read DMOG: Chapter 17, pp. 287-305

                                         “The Global Century”  

                                          [Worldview Witness Report Due]


 Week 10: Current Status of God’s Mission


19             3/25                 Read DMOG: Chapter 18, pp. 309-322

                                           “The State of the Spread of the Gospel”


20             3/27                  Read DMOG: Chapter 19, pp. 323-339

                                            “Finishing the Task”

                                             Assignment: Research a UUPG, due 4/22


Week 11: Strategies for Fulfilling the Mission of God


21             4/1                     Read DMOG: Chapter 28, pp. 450-465

                                             “Church Planting Movements”


22             4/3                      Read DMOG: Chapter 32, pp. 517-534

                                             “Creative Access Platforms”


Week 12: Methodology for Missions Multiplication


23             4/8                       Read DMOG: Chapter 27, pp. 435-450

                                              “Back to Basics”


24             4/10                     Read DMOG: Chapter 31, pp. 498-516

                                               “Multiplying Leaders”


Weak 13: Equipping for the Mission of God


25             4/15                       Read DMOG: Chapters 21 and 22, pp. 355-376

                                                 “Sending and Praying”


26             4/17                        Read DMOG: Chapter 37 and 38, pp. 600-621

                                                 “Mobilizing the Church” and “Where Do You Fit In?”


                                                                                        Week 14: Hindrances to Mission
27             4/22                        Read DMOG: Chapter 30, pp. 480-497

                                                 “Breaking Bad Missiological Habits”

                                                  [UUPG Research Project due]


28             4/24                        Read DMOG: Chapter 20, pp. 340-353

                                                  “Spiritual Warfare”


Week 15: The Cost of Missions


29             4/29                        Read DMOG: Chapter 33, pp. 535-553

                                                  “The Persecuted Church”


                 5/1                           N O   C L A S S  --  S T U D Y   D A Y


30            5/6                            FINAL EXAMINATION

      Born March 16, 1942, in Tupelo, Mississippi; childhood and education in Clinton, Mississippi.


  • Bachelor of arts degree from Mississippi College, Clinton
  • Master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Honorary doctor of divinity degree from Mississippi College
  • Honorary doctor of missions degree from California Baptist University, Riverside
  • Honorary doctor of divinity from Columbia International University in South Carolina


      Bobbye Simmons of Brookhaven, Mississippi


  • Lori (daughter) and Chip were appointed by the IMB in 1999 and are currently serving in Central Asia in community outreach and encounter. They have three children, Samuel (born in 2002), Miriam Anna (born in 2004) and Gloria (born in 2005).
  • Russell (son) and Angela and their three children, Zachary (born in 1995), Joseph (born in 1999) and Anna Grace (born in 2002), currently live in Waco, Texas where he is Director of Communication for The Dwyer Group. They previously served in East Asia from 1999 to January 2005 and in Corporate Communications with LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville from 2006 to 2013.

Pre-Career Missionary Experience

  • Pastor of Sadler (Texas) Baptist Church
  • Youth director and associate pastor at Sagamore Hill Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Baptist Student Union director and Bible instructor at Grayson County Junior College, Denison, Texas
  • Summer (1962) missionary to New York and Vermont for the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board and summer (1963) missionary to the Philippines for the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board

Special Honors

  • Mississippi College Hall of Fame
  • Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities
  • 1972 Outstanding Young Men of America
  • Mississippi College Service to Humanity Award, 1976
  • Missio Nexus Lifetime Achievement Award 2013


  • A Journey Of Faith And Sacrifice: Retracing The Steps Of Lottie Moon, written by Jerry Rankin and photography by Don Rutledge. Published by New Hope in June 1996.
  • Empowering Kingdom Growth to the Ends of the Earth. Published by IMB in June 2005.
  • Lives Given, Not Taken, co-authored with Erich Bridges. Published by IMB in June 2005.
  • The Challenge to Great Commission Obedience. Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN in 2006.
  • Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God’s Glory. Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN in 2009.
  • In the Secret Place: A Pilgrimage Through the Psalms. Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN in 2009.
  • Spiritual Warfare and Missions: The Battle for God’s Glory Among the Nations, with Ed Stetzer. Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN in 2010.
  • Great Commission Obedience: the Path to Resurgence. Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN in 2011.

International Mission Board Assignments

  • Appointed missionary to Indonesia in June 1970.
  • General evangelist in East Java and Surabaya, Indonesia, 1971-81.
  • Associate to the area director for South and Southeast Asia, Jan. 1, 1982 July 31, 1986, based in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Administrator for Southern Baptist mission work in India, August 1986 May 1987.
  • Area Director for Southern Asia and Pacific, May 31, 1987 June 14, 1993. Based in Singapore, he oversaw the work of 480 missionaries in 15 nations.
  • President of the International Mission Board June 14, 1993 – July 31, 2010.

Current Role

President Emeritus, International Mission Board, SBC
Director, the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at Columbia International University
Adjunct professor of missions: Mississippi College, William Carey University, Columbia International University. 

About Me


Twitter:  @rankinonmission