Mississippi College

Karlos Taylor, MFA, M.S.Ed.

Graphic Designers are the custodians of our culture as scribes were to earlier civilizations. More importantly, we are the bearers of God's word in our responsibility for making it visible and tangible with innovation, making it attainable mentally and spiritually.

About Me

Born and raised in Mississippi, I made the decision at age four to be a career artist and have held fast to that since. Having expressed more than an interest in art, my mother, a librarian, surrounded me with books about artists, art movements, and techniques. Successful private study in my room led to being accepted into the APAC Visual Arts program from 7th through 12th grade. This program introduced me to virtually every aspect of art making including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography. This early exposure enabled me to receive a scholarship to Mississippi College where I obtained a bachelors degree in Graphic Design. Immediately after undergraduate study, I studied under Bob Pennebaker, Chair of the Department of Art at Belhaven University, and with his blessing, I went on to earn an M.F.A. in Computer Arts from Memphis College of Art.

 I began my art career as a freelance Graphic Designer immediately after graduate work and later accepted a full-time teaching position as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Jackson State University. While teaching there, I was also an adjunct professor at Mississippi College and Belhaven part-time. After teaching for a while, I stepped into the industry as an Art Director for an architectural firm in Jackson, MS and continued teaching part-time at JSU and Tougaloo College. The art management experience afforded me a newer perspective on the design industry, and I gained the ability to design in haste under great pressures. I then took this experience to a Graphic Design instructor’s position at Belhaven University, where I taught courses that ranged from beginner level to Senior Portfolio courses. With my transition into Graphic Design Graduate Coordinator position here at MC, and recently obtaining another masters degree in Higher Education Leadership at Kaplan University, I have received further confirmation from God that Higher Education is the primary arena where He wants my use. Higher Education is my demonstrated passion, and my desire is to continue in the academic arena as a relevant guide to my students.