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Pamela Milling

For health, safety, and cleanliness at Alumni Pool: 

1.  Rinse suited body in Alumni Pool showers prior to entering water; do not wet hair; this helps keep the water clean for the next hour's class.
2.  Empty all suit pockets prior to entering water; lint in pocket seams do float to top of water. 
3.  Bring towel; towels are not issued at Alumni Pool. 
4.  No jewelry in water; current of water removes sets from rings and breaks beads.  
5.  No gum/candy in water.   Place water bottles on deck.
6.  Men and Women:  To prevent loose hair in the water, hair below ears should be placed in a secure pony braided tail or all of hair braided.  A bun on top of head works well as long as the head does not go underwater. Do not use hair pins.   This keeps loose hair out of the water and keeps the water clean for the next class. 

7.  Do not swim laps; water temperature is not correct for swimming laps at any pace; Alumni Pool does not have warm water required for therapy.; see article “One Degree” for explanation in detail. 

8.   Open cuts, band-aids, & blood not allowed in water.  If a student experiences this then they should sit on deck during class time and be counted present for class. 
9.  Deck & restroom floors can be slippery & bottom of pool not smooth - wear water shoes.  Bikes/treadmill cannot be used on land.  Proper instruction is required for using bikes/treadmill in water and water shoes must be worn; see article “Excel with Hydroriding”
10. If lightning cells/tornado warning within 10 mile radius then water part will close, classes will meet on deck, and the weather will be reassessed each hour prior to re-entering pool.   
11.  Pool rules are listed on wall inside pool and include no jumping into pool or diving in from the sides.  The pool has an extended wall and it is easy for an accident to occur placing blood into the water when the head hits this extended wall.  Blood in the water closes the pool until it is disinfected properly prior to re-opening.  Therefore, no jumping into pool or diving in from the sides.  Lifeguards are on duty during any usage.  

12.  MC students may come to Alumni Pool Free by coming in-between PE class times. 

It is a service and honor to have MC students/organizations/employees use Alumni Pool "pending space availability" in between PED classes w/o additional charges.  MC students requesting large group usage are free but must be prescheduled.  All usage is head above the water exercises and fun. 

Alumni Pool does not have:
A guest policy.
A family policy.
A special usage policy. 
A swimming lap or diving policy.   

Alumni Pool does not have water temperatures to support: 
Therapy which requires minimum temperature of 91.
Lap swimming which requires temperature range of 76-82.
Injury management without the approval of the Athletic Trainers.

Alumni Pool's majority usage is Water Fitness (exercising with the head above water) in water temperature 85.5.  

Welcome to Alumni Pool. 

Water Fitness Usage (head above the water) Free for MC students - ID's required, demo by Pamela G. Milling and include:
1.  Hydro-riding (requires water shoes to ride) and Tether Running.

For lap swimming see Healthplex.  Alumni Pool has a beginner swim class for NON-SWIMMERS only and they are learning life saving skills but not swimming laps.  

Current one hour PED Water Fitness classes held @ Alumni Pool:
1.  PED 113A Water Walking and Bikes (Power Rapids in shallow).
2.  PED 106 A/B Deep Water Running (Explosive Power) w/belt.
3.  PED 105 A/B Water Aerobics - (shallow). 
4.  PED 114A Water Volleyball - (4' - 6' water).

Additional Alumni Pool PED classes on line & taught by other instructors:
1.  PED 107A Swimming for Non-swimmers (Alumni Pool)
NOTE:  This PED 107A swimming class is fundamentals for the non swimmer.  All students who have swim ability register PED 118 held at HealthPlex. 
2.  PED 128 Beginning and Advanced Scuba (Hederman classroom & Alumni Pool)

About Me

Pamela G. Milling, Aquatic Fitness Professional Instructor (AEA), Aquatic Director Alumni Pool:
1. Produced a cross training Water Fitness CD series “When Water Moves Miracles Happen” to use with instruction for PED classes. 
2. Presentor: “The Water Fitness Package” to Health Education Workshops and Psychology classes.  
3. Directs/Designs Water Fitness conditioning for MC athletes.  See Aquatic  Fitness Research Journal "Jumping Height Increased through Specific Aquatic Exercises". 
4.  Website:

Class Schedule

Summer 2013

  • PED 106 - 1st Term Summer Deep Water Running
    M-T-W-R-F, 11:40AM-12:30PM, Alumni Pool
  • PED113 - 2nd Term Summer Shallow Water Walking and Riding Bikes
    M-T-W-R-F, 11:40AM-12:30PM, Alumni Pool

Fall 2013

  • PED 106A - Deep Water Running w/belt
    M-W, 12:00-12:50PM, Alumni Pool
  • PED 106B - Deep Water Running w/belt
    T-R, 9:25-10:15AM, Alumni Pool
  • PED 113 - Water Walking and Riding Bikes
    T-R, 12:00-12:50PM, Alumni Pool
  • PED 114 - Water Volleyball (4' - 6' water)
    M-W, 1:30-2:20PM, Alumni Pool
  • PED 105A - Water Aerobics (shallow)
    M-W, 10:00-10:50PM, Alumni Pool
  • PED 105B - Water Aerobics (shallow)
    T-R, 1:30-2:20PM, Alumni Pool



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