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Students have many different reasons for studying English. Students who are seeking a degree from Mississippi College but do not meet the university's English language requirements will be admitted to Mississippi College conditionally. Conditionally admitted students are required to take the IEP Placement Exam upon arrival at MC. The results of this exam will determine which level the student will be placed in. Conditionally admitted students who perform at a very high level on the IEP Placement Exam may also be admitted to the Link Program or to Mississppi College for full-time study. 

Students who are interested in studying in the IEP in order to improve their English skills but who are not seeking a degree from Mississippi College can apply for IEP-only admission. IEP-only admitted students will also take the IEP Placement Exam and placed accordingly based on their performance. 

Mississippi College also considers English language scores from the TOEFL and IELTS exams when considering students for admission. Any conditionally admitted or IEP-only admitted student who submits an official TOEFL iBT or IELTS score will be placed in the appropriate level/program of study based on the table below*.














Undergraduate: 41-52

Graduate: 41-57

Undergraduate: 4.0

Graduate: 4.0-4.5


Undergraduate: 53-64

Graduate: 58-68

Undergraduate: 4.5

Graduate: 5.0


Undergraduate: 65-68

Graduate: 68-78

Undergraduate: 5.0

Graduate: 5.5

Full Academic Program

Undergraduate: 69+

Graduate: 79+

Undergraduate: 5.5

Graduate: 6.0

* The IEP and Office of Global Education reserve the right to request a student to take the IEP Placement Exam to verify a submitted test score. The IEP and Office of Global Education will use their discretion when placing students. 


All prospective students should apply on-line at www.mc.edu/application/. After creating an account, you can submit your personal information, upload transcripts, financial guarantees, copies of your passport and visa (if applicable). You can also pay the $40 application fee through PeerTransfer. 

Application Deadlines

Fall 2015 Session 1: June 1

Fall 2015 Session 2: August 15


The Mississippi College Intensive English Program Placement Test is designed to assess a student's English language skill. The Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary sections are multiple choice and provide the IEP with a clear understanding of a student's proficiency level. There is also a written component consisting of a timed essay and a short spoken interview. Based a student's performance on this placement test, he/she will be placed into either the Intensive English Program or the Link Program (please visit our Classes page for more detailed information on the specific IEP classes).

Please, see the IEP Handbook for more information regarding placement and exit scores.


IEP Tutition is $2000.00 per session. This tutition covers 20 contact hours of instruction, access to all Mississippi College student services. Mississippi College also charges each student a $25.00 Health Services fee which entitles the student to visit the Baptist Healthplex on Mississippi College campus where they can seek health care from a Board Certified Nurse Practictioner. Visits to the Healthplex are free. There will be a nominal fee for lab work. 

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