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“My biggest obstacle in my walk with God is getting so caught up in the business of life that I forget to set aside time for what is most important. I put my worries first, and forget that if I just slow down, take a breath, and turn to God, everything would be so much easier. I think we all know that our paths aren't always enjoyable, but sometimes the parts that are the least enjoyable are the most important parts of our daily walks. This journey that we are on, although incredibly tough, is one for life.  None of us are going to wake up one day and be  "perfect Christians" who never sin or do wrong. We are all going to make mistakes, and usually quite often, but we need to overcome them and get back on our paths.  It’s how we react and respond to our daily trials and errors that shapes each of us into the Christians that we become.”

Maria Pere
Class of 2010

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