Mississippi College


Moodle Faculty Resources

The "Moodel Training For Faculty"  course below consists of a collection of videos and resources designed to help faculty learn the basics of Moodle and become familiar with the new v2.0 interface.  A copy of this course is available for you to access. More resources will be added over the next several months, so check back periodically.

This is a basic guide for Logging Into Moodle, revised for Moodle 2. It is designed for students using Moodle for the first time.

Introduction to Moodle

Moodle allows faculty to share files such as PDF documents, Powerpoints, and videos as well as build their own webpages. It also gives faculty the ability to add activities to collect student work, encourage peer interaction, communicate to students, and assess student's progress.  The layout of Moodle is designed so that student's can easily navigate to all resources and activities for the entire course on that course's homepage. 

To access the complete Moodle Training For Faculty course, view here.

  • Course Settings and Adding Content File - This video will explain how to change your course layout, adjust start dates, and made your course visible students. It also covers how to begin adding content or importing content from a course you have taught previously.
  • Student Communication File - This video will illustrate how Moodle can be used as a great way to quickly email all or select individual students in your class.