Mississippi College

2014-2015 Tuition & Fees

Description Cost
Full Time (12-18 hours)  
Tuition (up to 18 hours) $7,335/semester
Additional hours $459/hour
Registration fee $352/semester
On-Campus Housing, premium* $4,204/semester
On-Campus Housing, non-premium $3,737/semester
On-Campus Housing, single room, premium* $6,978/semester
On-Campus Housing, single room, non-premium $6,044/semester
On-Campus Housing, single room, Hederman $5,030/semester
Technology Fee $42/semester
Health Services Fee $25/semester
Part Time (less than 12 hours)  
Tuition $459/hour
Registration Fee (less than 6 hours) $101/semester
Registration Fee (6 or more hours) $179/semester
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $15/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $42/semester
Accelerated Degree Program  
Tuition $412/hour
Registration Fee $83/session
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $15/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $42/semester

*Premium refers to New Women's East & West Towers and New Men's.

Description Cost
Tuition $523/hour
Doctor of Professional Counseling Tuition $625/hour
Medical Science Program Tuition $625/hour
Professional Development Scholarship Tuition $368/hour
Registration Fee (less than 6 hours) $116/semester
Registration Fee (6 or more hours) $195/semester
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $15/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $42/semester
Health Services Fee (6 or more hours) $25/semester

For full details regarding financial aid at the Mississippi College Law School, please visit the MC Law School web site.

Fees Cost
Application Fees:  
Graduate 35.00
International 40.00
Undergraduate 25.00
Auto Fees:  
Auto decal fee – yearly     165.00
Auto decal fee – spring/summer     110.00
Auto decal fee – summer only     55.00
Auto decal fee – additional (applies to each semester)     15.00
Estimated cost of textbooks 1100.00
Graduation Fees:  
Graduate 105.00
Undergraduate 75.00
Penalty Fees:  
Change of schedule late fee     25.00
Diploma replacement fee     35.00
Duplicate id card fee     10.00
Graduation application late fee – undergraduate     50.00
Improper room checkout     25.00
Late payment penalty     125.00
Late registration fee     50.00
Late room change fee     50.00
Lock change fine     40.00
Returned check penalty     50.00
Temporary permit to register (incomplete paperwork)     125.00
Traffic violations:      
Improper parking  25.00
No registration     15.00
Tow zone     50.00
Other Fees:  
Auditing fee

same as tuition for credit

Credit validated by examination (per 3 hr course including exam)     200.00
Dyslexia program fee      75.00
Fax charge – Registrar fee     15.00
Graduate thesis maintenance fee     100.00
Healthplex membership fee – per semester     115.00
Holiday housing fee     15.00
Honors & thesis binding fee:      
      Graduate    80.00
      Undergraduate    60.00
Housing application fee     100.00
On campus living – room consolidation fee (spring only)    500.00
Removal incomplete grade fee     25.00
Transcript fee     15.00
Tuition remission fac/staff fee     40.00
Tuition remission fac/staff fee – summer     25.00
Fees  Cost
Applied music fee (per course regardless of hours)     125.00
Clay shooting team fee     300.00
Enrollment in absentia fee      100.00
Equestrian course fee - beginner 500.00
Equestrian course fee - advanced 625.00
Equestrian team member 750.00
Intensive English book fee      85.00
Lab fees:      
      Biology (excluding Biology 307 and 410)      30.00
      Biology 307 - Cell and Genetics Lab 60.00
      Biology 410 - Human Gross Anatomy 125.00
      Chemistry      30.00
      Computer science     30.00
      Mac      30.00
      Physics/engineering    30.00
      Studio art      25.00
Malpractice insurance:      
      Kinesiology      25.00
      Nursing    25.00
      Social work      25.00
Nursing Fees:  
     Clinical learning house fee      100.00
     Clinical health assessment fee     60.00
     Clinical fees:      
          Clinical I     260.00
          Clinical II      325.00
          Clinical III/IV     390.00
          Clinical summer      195.00
     Learning enhancement fee (NUR 384 & 394) 275.00
     Malpractice insurance     25.00
     NLN exam fee      20.00
     HESI test     100.00
     Name badges      15.00
     NCLEX review fee     370.00
     Student Nurses Association dues:      
          Full year     68.00
          Partial year      30.00
Online course fee     50.00
Spreadsheet proficiency exam fee     15.00
Writing proficiency exam     60.00

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