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Chapel Policies:

 1. Your ID will be scanned before and/or after Chapel each time.  You MUST have an ID with a barcode on the front for the scanners to record your attendance.  If your ID does not function properly you may need to visit the security office to obtain a new card.

Because of our desire to help the First Baptist Church of Clinton maintain a safe and secure facility for their daycare program every student enrolled in Chapel must have their Student ID visibly displayed. The ID should be worn with the name and photo clearly visible on the front, upper torso affixed to a collar, pocket, lapel or displayed on a short break-away neck strap close to the face.  If the ID is not visible and a representative of the college or the church asks a student for his/her ID - the request should be followed immediately. Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action.

2. Attendance is recorded when ID’s are scanned at Chapel.  Hold your ID at the top, on the sides, or even upside down so that the barcode is clearly visible for the scanner.  The scanner must beep to indicate that the barcode has been read and recorded.

If you do not have your ID with you, you will not receive credit for Chapel that day.  It is your responsibility to have your ID card with you and have it scanned to receive credit for attendance. (After January 22 the chapel scanners will not be able to enter ID numbers into the scanners – You must bring your ID with you)

 3. NOTE:  Attempting to have your ID card scanned although you were not present or trying to scan for someone who was not present is dishonest.  If this happens, you will not receive credit for Chapel and will be reported to the Assistant Dean of Students

4. Remember that Chapel is an opportunity to participate in a worship/teaching experience, as such please treat the speakers, musicians and other participants with respect.  Inappropriate Chapel behavior includes, but is not limited to:  Sitting on the floor, standing against the wall, not taking an available seat, disruptive behavior-talking, studying, reading, having ear buds in, texting, game playing, or use of cell phones and laptops.  When Chapel begins all books and study materials should be put away.  Chapel is not a study hall.  (Please have your ID readily available if a chapel worker should ask for it during the service.)


A total of three (3) absences are allowed.  There are NO EXCUSED ABSENCES from Chapel.  If you exceed three absences, you cannot receive credit for Chapel for the semester without making-up the excess absences (Contact the Office of Christian Development at 601-925-3235 for make-up procedures).  Each student is responsible for keeping up with his or her accumulated absences.   The College will try to provide a means on the website for each person to check their chapel attendance.


When the Chapel program has been in progress for more than five (5) minutes,  you  will be considered tardy and cannot enter and your card will not be scanned.  Exception: If it is necessary for you to enter Chapel later than this because of a conflict with a class, you MUST have a note signed by the professor to this effect.  The professor’s note should list your name, ID number, date and time, and must be given to the monitor at the door before entering Chapel.  The monitor will initial the note and mark it “approved” so you can enter; you will then have your ID scanned as usual when Chapel has been dismissed.  

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