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In March 2012, Mississippi College contracted with Cenergistic, Inc. of Dallas, Texas, to implement an Energy Education Program on our Clinton, Jackson, and Flowood campuses. The purpose of the energy education program is to reduce energy consumption by heightening individual, departmental, and organizational awareness of the need to conserve our natural resources. Our Christian heritage encourages us to be good stewards of these gifts from God. The energy education program will focus on changing the behaviors of all faculty, staff, and students through an intensive educational program.

In May 2012, the administration of Mississippi College approved an energy conservation program  and affirmed the implementation of a set of Energy Conservation and Building Management Guidelines.

In June 2012, Mississippi College employed an Energy Specialist to promote energy conservation by monitoring individual behaviors and institutional practices through routine energy audits of all facilities.   

 Mississippi College is committed to and responsible for a safe and healthy learning environment. By implementing the University’s guidelines, every person is expected to become an “energy saver”. Energy conservation is a team effort. All students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to become involved in the creation of a conservation culture. Below is a brief list of effective energy-saving practices for work and/or home:

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas (classrooms, restrooms, work rooms, and offices)
  • Turn off all computers ( as well as printer, monitors, and speakers) at night
  • Sleep mode for computers when not in use during the day
  • Turn off appliances not being used (TVs, radios, chargers, and fans)
  • Close blinds and angle the slats upward when leaving at the end of the day
  • Close windows and doors when HVAC equipment is operating
  • Manage your thermostats (Cooling set point: 74 degrees / Heating set point: 68 degrees) 

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