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Meal Plan Dollars - Points

Declining balance plans of any value can be used at any location on campus. This includes the Library Coffee Shop, Hampstead’s and the Smoothie Shop, Pimento’s and Tuscany’s in the BCR. You can add them to your existing meal plan or purchase points alone.

MC Commuter

The commuter student has many different needs. Below you will find Meal Plans that are built to satisfy even the craziest of schedules. The options vary greatly to meet each student’s unique scheduled and budget. Choose the plan that fits your lifestyle and enjoy the ease of paying for meals with your campus ID.

Meal Plan Options 

Commuter meal plans are prepaid meals that can be used at the Café Food Court in the BCR Building for any meal period. You will receive a number of meals and a number of points, so you can use your meal plan to eat anywhere you would like to. Commuter meal plans do not reset and your meals will last until you use them all. This ensures you don’t waste any if you miss any meals but if you run out you can always purchase more.

  • 25  Meals in the CAF -  $162.50   ($6.50 per meal)
  • 50  Meals in the CAF -  $312.50   ($6.25 per meal)
  • 100 Meals in the CAF -  $600.00  ($6.00 per meal)
  • BLOCK PLUS - choose any meal plan and add points 

Weekday Semester Lunch Plan - $412.50 ($5.50 per meal)                                 Lunch only Monday thru Friday   unused meals are not redeemable

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