Mississippi College

This will be a double elimination style tournament.

The Game

  1. Teams consist of 3 players with a maximum of one substitute. 
  2. The team must remain the same from game to game.
  3. Games will be played to 11 points or 15 minutes long. After 15 minutes the team with the highest score will win.
  4. If there is a tie after the 15 minutes then there will be a two-minute overtime.
  5. There will be no timeouts called unless there is a special circumstance in which the referee may call timeout.
  6. Substitutions will be made after a made bucket. A team does not have to sub after each bucket.
  7. A coin toss will determine who gets ball to start the game.
  8. Ball possession will change hands after each made basket.
  9. Each time there is a change of possession the ball must be brought back behind the 3-point line. A player must pass the ball in after any dead ball situation.


  1. Players will call their own fouls.
  2. A player may not foul out of the game, but may be ejected by the official for just cause.

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