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John Brandon

WELCOME TO Fall I, 2012 and to Marketing Principles. This course is a fast paced, exciting courses that deals with how both consumers and business, as well as organizations of any size locate potential customers and get them to notice you. In short, everyone markets something. 

To succeed in the this course you will need to attend each session and show up on time for each session prepared to discuss the materials assigned. In addition, you will need to read the textbook, study the Power Point slides, participate in the in-class assignments, prepare the homework in order to do well on the tests.

I look forward to this term and hope to be well acquainted with you and your life goals as together we discover what marketing is all about.


John Brandon

Class Schedule

Fall 2012

  • MKT 381 - Marketing Principles
    T and TR nights, 7:50 to 10:00 P.M., Self Hall, Room 305



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