Mississippi College

Renee Cole, MN, RN


I'm in the office Monday & Tuesday--my teaching schedule varies.

I'm at the hospital the rest of the week.

Please email me if you have a question for me when I'm not in the office.

My office hours are posted outside my door.  If you need to speak with me, please make an appointment.

About Me

University of Virginia--BSN


MC Faculty--2005 to present

Class Schedule

Summer 2011

  • NUR477 - Spirituality in Nursing
    varies, June 4 - June 12, Moca, Dominican Republic

Spring 2011

  • NUR414 - Nursing Theory 3
    MT, varies, Cockroft Hall
  • NUR416 - Nursing Clinical 3
    WTHF, 0630-->1630 or so, Blair E. Batson Hospital
  • NUR343 - Pharmacology
    Monday, varies, Cockroft Hall