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Roger Greene

I bid you welcome to the web site of Dr. G. Roger Greene, otherwise known as "Big G" to his students.  If I may be of help to you, please contact me.

About Me

Dr. G. Roger Greene is a native of Natchitoches, Louisiana.  He has a B.A. degree from Louisiana Tech University and the M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has taught at Mississippi College since 1979, having come to Mississippi College from Palm Beach Atlantic College.

 Dr. Greene has responsibilities for teaching New Testament Greek, as well as a wide range of upper level New Testament courses, in addition to the basic Bible introductions.

 He is married to Dr. Mary Ann Greene, Chair, Child Care Development, Hinds Community College.  He is the father of two grown sons, Ramsey Greene (Pensacola, FL) and Jason Greene (Portland, OR).

Class Schedule

Spring 2012

  • GRK 102 - Elementary New Testament Greek
    MWF, 8:00-8:50, Provine 106
  • BIB 422 - The Teachings of Jesus
    MWF, 11:00-11:50, Provine 104
  • GRK 202 - Intermediate New Testament Greek
    MWF, 12:00-12:50, Provine 106
  • BIB 120 - Introduction to New Testament
    TR, 9:25-10:40, Nelson 311
  • BIB 324 - New Testament Text and Canon
    TR, 12:00-1:15, Provine 106

Fall 2012

  • GRK 101 - Elementary Greek
    MWF, 8-8.50 AM, Provine 106
  • BIB 328 - New Testament World
    TR, 12-1.15, Provine 106
  • BIB 110 F - Introduction to the Old Testament
    TR, 9.25-10.40 AM, Nelson 311
  • GRK 201 - Intermediate New Testament Greek
    MWF, 12-12.50, Provine 106



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